In Store Bakery:  We specialize in solving problems for the In Store Bakery.  We custom design our product and packaging with you and your customers in mind.  Our ready to bake products are user friendly.  Our thaw and sell products have eye appeal, shelf life, and great taste. Your customers will be coming back week after week for our products.

Restaurants:  We offer high quality center of the plate items such as our family recipe Spinach Pie, and dessert menu items such as our frozen ready to bake Apple Dumpling, or our ready to bake Apple Crisp as well as many others.

Institutional Feeders:  Our thaw and serve Assorted Mini Danish is among many offerings in this category that is extremely popular with in house feeders such as hospital cafeterias, college dining, hotels, and nursing homes.  To compliment our Mini Danish we offer items such as Mini Whoopie Pies, Pecan Sticky Buns and Mini Cinnamon Rolls.

Traditional Local Bakeries:  As a manufacturer of bulk layered dough’s such as French Puff Pastry and Danish dough, traditional bakers have come to rely on Dimitria Delights, Inc. for quality and consistency.  We also offer an extensive line of high quality ready to bake items. Whether its bulk dough to easy thaw and serve we have the solution for you.

Manufacturers:  We make custom designed dough and dough products for a variety of food manufacturers.  You will find an eager, reliable, and cooperative partner in Dimitria Delights, Inc.  We also make private label items for select customers as well.

Convenience Stores:  We offer a wide variety of Individually Wrapped, hand held pastries.  Most of these items have a 14 day shelf life once thawed.  We also are able to offer bulk baked foodservice items to enhance your grab-n-go case.