At Dimitria, we have invested the time to be able to provide you with individually wrapped products that can offer your customers a wide variety of bakery products with an average ambient shelf life of 10 to 14 days.

Regardless of your type of operation, Dimitria offers products that can help enhance your current bakery offerings or get you started in bakery products whether you need Danish, Puff Pastry or Pie Dough products, we have numerous options for you to chose from.

Our average case pack of 12 pieces is perfect for limited freezer space operations.

Specification sheets available upon request.

  • Pie Dough Twists

    12 / 4oz

    Cinnamon 1930
    Raspberry 1932

  • Elephant Ears

    12 / 4.5oz

    Cinnamon 0456
    Raspberry 0458

  • Danish Folds

    12 / 3oz

    Cheese 7026
    Apple 7027
    Raspberry 7028

  • Cinnamon Rolls Large

    12 / 4oz


  • Whoopie Pies Large

    12 / 4oz

    Traditional 7712
    Chocolate Chip
    Red Velvet 77363
    Peanut Butter 7718
    Pumpkin 7719